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Open AccessResearch Article

Impacts of caponization on growth performance, certain phenotypic trait, and carcass composition in Sonali chicken: A randomized prospective study

by Abu Sayeed Sumon, Mohammad Raguib Munif, Rukhsana Amin Runa, Md. Rafiqul Alam,

Journal of Research in Veterinary Sciences. 2024; 2 (1): 38-50 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/JRVS.20240129102934

ABSTRACT: Aim: Sonali chicken serves as a dependable source of poultry meat, holding a prominent position alongside indigenous chicken. In this context, the caponized Sonali cockerels could be deemed pragmatic for meat production. This study investigated the effects of caponization on feed intake, growth performance, carcass yield, meat composition, and a certain phenotypic trait (comb height) in Sonali chicken cockerels. Methods: Thirty Sonali cockerels, appearing in good health, were chosen through block randomization and divided equally into three groups: group I (control), group II (sham), and group III (capon). All cockerels [...]   Read more

Open AccessTechnical Note

A Case of Winching technique: A practical approach for insuperable chronicaly occluded indwelling iliac venous stents

by Emre Can Çelebioğlu,

American Journal of Diagnostic Imaging. 2024; 10 (1): 6-8 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/ajdi.20231119115719

ABSTRACT: Chronic iliac vein occlusions and post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) are the major sources of life affecting symptomatic iliocaval venous obstruction contributing to the morbidity of chronic venous insufficiency and venous hypertension. Venous stenting is a treatment option for the management of PTS. Despite dedicated venous recanalization technologies, long-term patency rates of venous stents are still a matter of debate. Beside that, salvage of an occluded stent could be problematic or even impossible. It may be challenging to advance the balloon catheter distally to the occlusion, even after the lesion has been [...]   Read more

Open AccessResearch Article

Streamlined Synthesis of Clopidogrel Utilizing Magnetically Recyclable Fe3O4 Nanoparticles through the Strecker Reaction

by Siva Prasad Aviraboina, Harshita Gaddipati

Journal of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Research. 2024; 1 (1): 15-20 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/JPPR.20231012104209

ABSTRACT: Aim: The study explores the use of magnetite nanoparticles for eco-friendly α-aminonitrile synthesis via the Strecker reaction, aiming to provide a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable method. Methods: The research involves an extensive exploration of magnetite nanoparticles, belonging to the inverse spinel group, as catalysts for the Strecker reaction. The magnetic properties of Fe3O4 nanoparticles facilitate their easy removal from reaction masses using an external magnet, eliminating the need for conventional filtration or centrifugation methods. Trimethylsilyl cyanide (TMSCN) is utilized as a cyanide ion source, known for its efficiency and user-friendly [...]   Read more

Open AccessReview Article

Innovative Approaches in Continuing Medical Education: Revolutionizing the Path to Excellence

by Iman Ridda, Shafquat Rafiq, Harunor Rashid, Parvaiz A Koul,

Journal of Public Health and Community Medicine. 2024; 1 (2): 1-10 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/JPHCM.20240124073537

ABSTRACT: Introduction: Healthcare professionals' pivotal role in delivering quality care necessitates their continuous updating with the latest advancements through Continuing Medical Education (CME). Traditional CME methods, though valuable, have limitations. Aim: This article investigates how innovative CME approaches can enhance engagement and clinical competence among healthcare professionals. Methods: A review of the literature and analysis of various resources, guidelines and reports summarized by adding authors' personal perspectives. Results: Immersive virtual reality facilitates realistic simulations, enhancing clinical skills and reducing errors, but challenges include initial costs and ethical considerations. Personalized mobile learning apps offer flexible [...]   Read more

Open AccessCase Report

Osteochondromas Gone Pelvic: A Case Report of Concurrent Tibial Osteoblastoma and incidental detection of multiple pelvic Osteochondromas on bone scan.

by Aniqa Jabeen, Sumara Mushtaq, Bashir Ahmed, Hina Hashmi

American Journal of Diagnostic Imaging. 2024; 10 (1): 1-5 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/ajdi.20231121055008

ABSTRACT: In a unique clinical presentation, a 20-year-old female with a known left distal Tibial Osteoblastoma (previously treated via curettage) developed pain and weight-bearing difficulties in her left lower limb six months later. Subsequently bone scan revealed a unprecedented clinical presentation: residual activity in the treated Osteoblastoma alongside additional foci of increased tracer uptake on skeletal scintigraphy, localized to the bilateral anterior superior and inferior iliac spines. Subsequent radiographs confirmed sessile bony outgrowths in these locations, consistent with multiple pelvic Osteochondromas (an uncommon variant). Notably, these Osteochondromas lacked associated radiolucencies or [...]   Read more

Open AccessResearch Article

Isolation and characterization of duck viral enteritis (Duck plague) virus from ducks in field outbreaks in Bangladesh

by Jahidul Islam, Md. Mohirul Islam, Md. Sadequl Islam, Md. Zaminur Rahman, Palash Bose, Mohammed Rafiqul Islam, Mst. Mianra Khatun, Md. Ariful Islam

Journal of Research in Veterinary Sciences. 2024; 2 (1): 29-37 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/JRVS.20240102065916

ABSTRACT: Duck viral enteritis (DVE) also known as duck plague (DP) is a fatal viral disease of ducks globally that causes huge economic losses in the duck industries. The main objectives of the current study were: the isolation of the circulating duck viral enteritis virus (DVEV) from clinical specimens of field outbreaks, molecular identification of the virus and genetic characterization of DVEVThe natural outbreaks of duck plague (DP) were reported between February and June 2018 on three commercial duck farms located at Netrokona, Mymensingh and Nilphamari districts of Bangladesh. A total [...]   Read more

Open AccessReview Article

Resistance Mechanisms and Treatment Burdens for A. baumannii infections: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities

by Mostafa Essam Eissa,

Journal of Basic and Clinical Microbiology. 2024; 1 (1): 1-12 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/JBM.20240115081736

ABSTRACT: Acinetobacter baumannii is a Gram-negative bacterium that can cause serious infections in humans, especially in health care settings. It is known for its ability to acquire resistance to multiple antibiotics, limiting the treatment options and increasing the mortality rates. The aim of this paper is to review the current knowledge on the resistance, the treatment strategies, and the future perspectives of A. baumannii infections. There should be some background understanding on the taxonomy, ecology, epidemiology, and clinical significance of A. baumannii. The review of previous studies summarizes the main findings [...]   Read more

Open AccessResearch Article

Teicoplanin use is associated with rapid clinical improvement in COVID-19 pneumonia

by Muhammad Ishaq, Nasir Ali Afsar, Syeda Urooj Riaz, Muslim Abbas, Muhammad Shariq Mukarram, Khizra Ishaq, Shifa Ishaq, Muhammad Sanowar Ali,

Journal of Medical Research and Reviews. 2024; 2 (1): 21-29 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/JMRR.20231226053523

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Drug repurposing is an important approach to treat COVID-19 pandemic. Among various drugs that were felt efficacious we had to use the ones that were low cost, efficacious and readily available. Antibacterial drug teicoplanin has shown some promise in this regard. This study evaluates the therapeutic benefits of using teicoplanin in COVID-19 pneumonia patients. METHODS: In this case-control study, 39 patients of COVID-19 were included. The controls (n=19) had received azithromycin for seven days while the cases (n=20) received teicoplanin for ten days. The primary outcomes included the limitations on [...]   Read more

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Cardiac MRI in the evaluation of pericardial and myocardial involvement in tuberculosis with 2 case reports

by Babu Peter Sathyanathan, Raghu Nandhan

American Journal of Diagnostic Imaging. 2022; 8 (1): 13-20

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ChatGPT and academic integrity in nursing and health sciences education

by Ahmed Lateef Alkhaqani;

Journal of Medical Research and Reviews. 2023; 1 (2): 57-60

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Isolated polycystic pancreatic disease

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American Journal of Diagnostic Imaging. 2018; 4 (2): 24-25

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by Somali Ghosh, Nilu Malpani Dhoot, Usha Goenka, Surabhi Jajodia, Sumit Datta

American Journal of Diagnostic Imaging. 2021; 7 (2): 5-11

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Radiological features of periorbital hyaluronic acid fillers: a case series

by Cassie Cameron, Valerie Juniat, Sandy Patel, Dinesh Selva

American Journal of Diagnostic Imaging. 2022; 8 (2): 41-45

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Self-Perception and Belief regarding Covid-19: An interventional study

by Syeda Urooj Riaz, Nousheen Iqbal, Usman Abdul Majid, Salman Nehal, Muhammad Ishaq, Faryal Nawab, Saud Ahmed

Journal of Medical Research and Reviews. 2023; 1 (1): 7-15